Value-Added Services


Audio RBT

The subscriber will have access to a wide library of entertainment content that he may choose from and personalize.

Ring Back tones can be assigned to specific caller(s) or group(s).

Pray RBT

Pray RBT allows the user to set a prayer tone instead of the regular, which will be played on Prayer times and can be adjusted to meet different times zones!

Corporate RBT

RBT is not only for personal self-expression but can be also taken further to the professional level!

A corporate/enterprise can activate their company’s customized ring-back tone on their employees' mobile numbers and communicate their new products, offers, and company news to their employees or customers.

Text RBT

It allows the subscriber to set a personalized message, that pops up while calling.

The subscriber can share any note, greeting, or message.

It can generate a new revenue stream even if the call session hasn't been initiated yet.

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Outbound dialer Campaigns

Outbound dialers campaigns is an interactive IVR campaign initiated from the OBD platform for the sake of triggering new promotions and advertisements in order to increase the revenue streams for both the clients and operators by following different revenue monetization models.

Marketing Campaign
Chatbot/Customer Service
Logestics and Shipment services