SMS Firewall

Revenue generated by messaging traffic is subject to serious threats, including grey routes, spam, and international fraudulent SMS’s, where any vulnerability in the network infrastructure is exploited to generate fake traffic.

Our Firewall solution is here for you, to secure your network from these threats and monetize all the revenue leaks.

marketing suite

The marketing Suite platform is tailored to fulfill the operators’ marketing needs, allowing them to target their subscriber base to promote their services or advertise other enterprise services using different channels but not limited to SMS, USSD, and OBD(IVR).


Selfcare is a customer engagement platform that could be used to enhance the customer-care quality of service with their subscribers. This platform helps the operators to increase subscribers’ loyalty, monetization, and subscriber acquisition, in addition to benefiting from the embedded customer behavior analysis and promotional activities features.

Referral Program

This solution is designed to increase the subscriber acquisition rate by introducing the concept of referral. The current subscribers will be playing a vital role in inviting new subscribers to the operator by benefiting from rewards and incentives.

Marketing Campaign
Chatbot/Customer Service
Logestics and Shipment services